Tank Chase

On a Tank Cruise in St. Petersburg

RUSSIA – The tank chase locations in St. Petersburg // GoldenEye (1995)

The tank chase is one of the most thrilling scenes in James Bonds “GoldenEye”. Some scenes had been done on set, but most parts had been filmed on location in St. Petersburg – including some famous sights.

Why Bond was here
The terrorist organization Janus steals a stealth helicopter and blows up a Soviet base up in Siberia. Bond (Pierce Brosnan) travels to St. Petersburg, where the presumed headquarter of Janus is. He encounters renegade General Ourumov (Gottfried John) – and tries to hunt him down with a stolen tank. As the tank chase goes on, Bond wrecks havoc in downtown St. Petersburg.

Tank Chase St. Petersburg

The tank drives through the Constitutional Court

How you gonna get there
The tank chase had been filmed at two areas in the heart of the city: In the Sennaya neighbourhood and at the banks of Moyka Canal (here you can read more about that part). Sennaya is east of the Admiralty building. The tank chase had been filmed in front of the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Constitutional Court and the Main Post Office at Pochtamtskaya Street.
The scene with the St. Isaac’s Cathedral is right at the beginning of the chase, Bond drives the tank along Voznesensky Avenue in front of the church. Then the scene cuts to the parts of the Moyka Canal. Later on the tank is seen driving through the big arch of the Constitutional Court. In the final scene, the tank is seen at Pochtamtskaya Street. There it drives underneath the arch of the Post Office and loses its winged statue (that it picked up at Preobrazhenskaya Square in yet another part of St. Petersburg).

Post Office St. Petersburg

The Constitutional Court nowadays

Good to know
Marveling at the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Constitutional Court and its neighboring buildings is great for an afternoon walk. Right across the Court is the Bronze Horseman – one of St Petersburgs most famous statues. It is probably the one, that inspired the Bond filming crew for the tank stunt with the winged statue.
But if you are up for a real treat, go visit the world famous Mariinsky Theatre. It is one of worlds best known opera houses and hosts a ballet class that is just as outstanding as the famous Bolshoi in Moscow.
We were at the Mariinsky for the famous Russian ballet “The Story of Kai and Gerda”, which you might know as “The Snow Queen”. It was a great evening!

When you plan on visiting the Mariinsky in St. Petersburg, try to book tickets in advance. The Russians are proud ballet goes – so shows might be sold out months ahead. Also dress accordingly: You don’t need to impress – but don’t just wear normal street style either. The Russians take their ballet serious and will come in style.

We didn’t had time for the St. Isaac’s Cathedral – and also didn’t want to pay the entry. But we can recommend another cathedral right in the city center: The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood! It is one of St.
Petersburg landmarks and beautiful both from outside and inside.

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