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The Hunters

Every journey starts with a desire. To explore the world, to learn new things and to live an extraordinary life.

As we became a couple in March 2011 we recognized soon that we both love the adventures of the agent called James Bond. His humor, boldness and elegance didn’t only make him a hero of our childhood but also a common addiction. We watched the movies, analysed the tricks and compared the actors. But still that wasn’t enough. With our second anniversary front door we decided to spent it visiting the mélange of Kaiserian and Ottoman past in Budapest, Hungary.

When we heard about the Memento Park – a Soviet relict park in the outskirts of Budapest – we recalled it has something to do with the Goldeneye scenery originated in Saint Petersburg. Thus, with a spontaneous visit to the Memento Park our journey to all the worlds Bond places began on a frosty day in March 2013.

Marc and Julia –  February 2015

“As we started the hunt I was pretty excited because James Bond was a part of my upbringing. Maybe it’s Bonds Jetset life that aroused in me the same Wanderlust that makes it so hard to pick a favourite location – I just love being on that journey.
A highlight nevertheless was – at least so far – the Bahamas. Diving with sharks in clear blue water and dining at the legendary One&Only Ocean Club that was part of my favourite Bond movie
Casino Royale. And that’s not because my favourite actor happens to be Daniel Craig – it is actually the combination of both. The film and the actor are closer than ever to Ian Flemmings literary Bond. Dedicated to his work, ready to die for his homeland and Her Majesty Craig is down to earth with less technology, a hard punch and more luck than judgement. He is human with all strength and weakness that comes with it. And that’s refreshing and fun to watch – even for the hundredth time.”

“Hunting Bond for almost – or just recently – two years, I really felt what our journey is about when we visited Istanbul. The city is loved by Ian Fleming … and up till now three Bond movies are honoring it. So being on the hunt, showed me, how beautiful traveling can be. Bond brings you to the tourists spots (see the famous Aya Sofia in From Russia With Love), leads you off the beaten track (see The World Is Not Enough‘s featured Küçüksu Kasrı) and above all he helps you to go the extra mile.
So when we checked out one of the locations of the latest Bond movie filmed in Istanbul, Skyfall, where we had to sweet-talk some security officers to climb the roofs of the Grand Bazaar … just to bolt away from the really pissed Bazaar authority just seconds later. We couldn’t take a decent picture but the moment felt really Connery-like. For me, the Scotsman is the Bond incarnation: tough, just as noble as needed and always with an astute smile. And that actually are quite the habits you need for traveling.”

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  1. Ben Konig says:

    Hey there,

    I just found your website. It´s a really cool idea and takes a lot of dedication to the mission. Since I live in Hamburg I especially enjoyed your report on my city and the schietwetter phenomenon.

    Keep on hunting. :-)

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