The Comrades

We’re not alone. There are many beautiful websites out there, dedicated to the 007 movieverse and also to exotic travel locations. See our recommendations!


…is the official page by Eon productions and comes big with social media memorabilia for Bond lovers and – sure – the latest set pictures, when filming a new Bond.

…is run by Dutch Bond guru Remmert van Braam. He displays all there is on clothes, accessories and cars from the 007 movieverse.

…comes as one of the biggest Bond fan sites there are. Latest news on upcoming movies, lots of background on actors, books and games and a lively community.

…hopes to engage your inner spy. Founder David Zaritsky built a blog with a big video section, where he visits museums, meets Bond girls or teaches, how to dress like 007.

…is a fresh young fan page by Benjamin Lind. He gathers info and insiders on the Bond movies as well as well-founded essays on all there is about 007.

…is based on traveling as we are. Run by the Scandinavians J. Eklund and A. Nymberg since 2011, this page is loaded with detailed location scouting, including comparing pictures with movie stills.

…Finnish bloggers Pirita & Mika also try to hunt down Bond locations, but focus on hotel reviews. When they’re not traveling, they keep their page alive with snippets on all bondesque, that can be found.


…is a commercial blog, that enlists delightful boutique hotels and villas around the world. Some are so beautiful, they could easily become a filming location of a future Bond movie.

…goes out to the wild. If a website would wear a beard and hold a knife, it would be this. Comes along with a wide section on cabin hide-aways and outdoor videos.

…is a small, but fancy-pancy selection of boutique hotels from New York to Shanghai. When planing a city trip, be sure to check out their recommendations.

…is a magazine, that collects travel experiences off the beaten track. Nothing helps better to cure one’s wanderlust.

…also a magazine on travel, Beers & Beans scores with variety: party in Amsterdam, private life in Costa Rica or edge-walking the skyline of Toronto.

…is an entertaining blog by Norwegian travelers Espen and Maria. The couple enhances a “nerdy” way of wandering: in seeing the world with full passion.

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