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Mr. Bond is shaking up the stir all around the globe. Below you find a short summary of the James Bond movies and their destinations. Click the direct link under each title to be directed to every location we blogged about so far. Or check out our HuntingBond-map to get a full overview about all places there are!

The James Bond Movies

Dr. No (1962)

007’s first adventure starts exotic: James Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the death of a fellow agent. He gets to meet Honeychile Rider and later Dr. No on his maniac lair Crab Key. The movie settings are pretty close to Ian Flemings literary work, so there’s a lot of caribbeaness to discover.

From Russia with Love (1963)

When Bond travels to Turkey to seduce a Russian spy, we get to see the touristic hotspots of one of Ian Flemings most adored cities – Istanbul. 007 then boards the Orient-Express to escape Turkey. While the book brings him to Paris, the movie heads for Venice – with some stops en route in Belgrade, Zagreb and Trieste. 
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Goldfinger (1964)

Eccentric antagonist Auric Goldfinger allows us the biggest globe spin so far: From Miamis upscale hotel Fontainebleau to the British golf paradise Stokes Park and from the glowing Alps (and laser beams) in Switzerland to the treasure vault of Fort Knox.

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Thunderball (1965)

Thunderball is all about the Bahamas with a little amuse-gueule in France. James Bond investigates the hijacking of two nuclear warheads and goes underwater off Paradise Island. You can still visit the wreck of the Vulcan bomber including some decent sharks nowadays – and of course Emilio Largos villain villa including the shark infested pool, albeit without sharks this time. 
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You Only Live Twice (1967)

James Bond travels to Japan to dismantle Ernst Stavro Blofeld. While the book lets Spectres superbrain wait in an old Samurai castle surrounded by poisonous plants, the movie had choosen a boiling volcano nest. Fortunate there still is a Samurai castle featured in the movie … and a Sumo wrestling hall.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

Bond is in for a little Europe tour: First rescuing his soon-to-be-wife Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo off the coast of Portugal, he then travels to Piz Gloria in Switzerland. Disguised as an heraldic expert he enters a lair of ten beautiful(ly) brainwashed girls, SPECTRE trained for biological warfare.

Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Tracing a diamond smuggling ring, this movie goes from South Africa to the Netherlands and all the way to Las Vegas. There, Bond discovers his enemy besty Ernst Stavro Blofeld is behind a new nuclear world takeover something. They face off on an oil rig platform off Los Angeles.
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Live and Let Die (1973)

James Bond is investigating the death of three MI6 agents and soon finds himself in the clutches of a drug smuggling Voodoo obsessed ambassador from the Caribbean fake island of San Monique. Scenes were filmed in New York and the US south, other parts on Ian Flemings most loved island Jamaica. The famous crocodile stunt – a non trick scene – was done there too.
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The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

Let’s do island hopping: While the book mainly sets in the Caribbean, the movie turns to another ocean and brings 007 to Thailand. He follows the traces of one of the world’s most dangerous assassins, a talented gunman playing hide and seek with contenders on his private isle. The island became that characteristic it was named Bond Island after the launch of the movie.

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

As tycoon Karl Stromberg is devoted to floating, the villain tries to kill mankind and create a new civilization underwater. 007 teams up with Russian agent Anya Amasova to investigate the loss of some submarines and then sure to frustrate Strombergs plans. While doing so they cruise the Mediterranean Sea including Egypt and Sardinia. Bad for Bond, Stromberg let’s the movie series snarkiest henchman off the hook: Jaws.
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Moonraker (1979)

There is no lack of space in this movie, as Bond not only takes big steps around the globe – from Italy to the States and Brazil while hunting a French megalomaniac – but also follows that maniac, Hugo Drax, to his overdone space hideout. As your average villain, Drax is of course up for killing mankind and then re-building it in his own fashion, with some adonis-like people in space.

For Your Eyes Only (1981)

The British government hires an archeologist to dive for the lost communication system ATAC, a system the military used to control atomic warheads. Not the best thing to lose though. When the archeologist gets assassinated MI6 thinks, it might be better to now let 007 do the job. So James Bond goes for the Ionian Sea and later Greece’ Meteora monastry to hunt down ATAC and the guys who’d stolen it.
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Octopussy (1983)

It gets confusing: A Soviet general is gathering riches with the help of an Afghan prince and both smuggle it to Western Europe under the cover of a roadshow circus run by an Indian occultist named Octopussy. The greater bad behind this is to explode a nuclear warhead at an US army base in West Germany. The greater good is, that Bond gets to visit India and the now gone east German Democratic Republic.
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A View to a Kill (1985)

Former KGB trainee and now industrial tycoon Max Zorin has three hobbies: first developing microchips, second flooding Silicon Valley to destroy all rivals in the microchip business. And third horses. To foil Zorins flood tide Bond visits the villains horse park in France and says bonjour to the Eiffel Tower. Later he heads for California – including a showdown with Zorin on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. On the bridge means actually above it in a zeppelin.

The Living Daylights (1987)

Prior to the Fall of the Berlin Wall this movie brings back the Cold War big fashioned. Bond is up to help Soviet renegade general Koskov entering the West via Bratislava and Vienna, but soon finds out, Koskov is scheming a smuggle ring with arms dealer Brad Whitaker. The hunt goes from Morocco to Afghanistan and 007 gets help from the early Taliban – back then they were what you call a good enemy of my enemy.

Licence to Kill (1989)

After former CIA buddy Felix Leiter gets shark-shortened by drug dealer Sanchez, Bond goes on a private vendetta – causing the troublechild to get his licence revoked by MI6 chief M. The former agent renegades from Key West to Mexico and infiltrates Sanchez turning-cocaine-into-petrol hideout disguised as a sect meditation center.
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GoldenEye (1995)

James Bond jumps from a dam, infiltrates a Soviet base, but looses his ally 006 in the fight. Later, a stealth helicopter gets stolen in Monaco and another Soviet base – up up in Siberia – gets blown away by an impulse cannon from outer space. All those incidents are relates as alive and kicking 006 turns out to be the mastermind behind a plan to hijack that space cannon and threaten the world from his hideout in Cuba.
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Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Introducing journalists as villains, this movie lets media mogul Elliot Carver set up a World War III stage between China and UK to be the first to report the news. Bond teams up with Chinese agent Wai Lin to cut Carvers headlines. 007 starts investigating at Hamburg, but it gets rough in Vietnam.
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The World Is Not Enough (1999)

A british oil tycoon and friend of M gets killed in an attack on the MI6 headquarter – but his daughter Electra King is not really in grief. She staged the attack with her former kidnapper and now lover Renard. Her plan is to sabotage rival oil companies with a nuclear explosion in Istanbul to be the sole provider of oil pipelined from Kazakhstan over Azerbaijan into the Mediterranean Sea.
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Die Another Day (2002)

Bond gets imprisoned in North Korea and grows a beard. Meanwhile North Korean general Moon, who’s betraying his country with diamond smuggling, gets off the hook. After a face transplant surgery in Cuba he looks like creepy Prince Charming aka Gustav Graves. The entrepreneur is loved in London but bears a secret: He has a diamond built satellite, that can send sunlight laser beams down to earth. Luckily, Bond has an invisible car and Iceland has a lot of ice to melt.

Casino Royale (2006)

The movie series gets a fresh start with the adaption of Ian Flemings first novel and stay almost true to the book: 007 is supposed to dry out the money funds of villains Le Chiffre due to stop his arms dealing in Africa. Bond goes from Madagascar to the Bahamas and Miami and finally to Montenegro and Italy for fulfilling his duty.
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Quantum of Solace (2008)

Where Casino Royale stops, Quantum kicks in. After infiltrating the organization behind Le Chiffre Bond hunts their instigators from Haiti down to South America. In Bolivia they plan a military backed coup to get hold of natural resources underneath the country.

Skyfall (2012)

James Bond has some family issues and faces a brother-in-arms gone mad, former MI6 agent Silva, as he hunts down their “mother” M. The agents hunt each other in Singapore and on an deserted Japanese island, then finally in London and at Bonds almost deserted family residence “Skyfall” in Scotland. In the outcome, Bond became the Bond, that we learned to love since Dr. No alongside with a new M, a new Q and a new Miss Moneypenny.
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Spectre (2015)

The latest installment still has some family issues: A long lost foster brother of James Bond, Franz Oberhauser, turns out to be the head of S.P.E.C.T.R.E – our beloved megalomaniac organization. Oberhauser – aka Ernst Stavro Blofeld – is behind a lot of the trouble, Bond had in the last movies and is now behind a scheme to undermine a surveillance network of several world powers. It’s a hide and seek from Mexico to Austria to Morocco.
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