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The Locations

All our visited James Bond movie locations so far:

Austria (The Living Daylights) – The Bahamas (Thunderball & Casino Royale) – Czech Republic (Casino Royale) – Egypt (The Spy Who Loved Me) – Germany (Octopussy & Tomorrow Never Dies) – Greece (For Your Eyes Only) – Hungary (Goldeneye) – India (Octopussy) – Italy (The Spy Who Loved Me) – The Netherlands (Diamonds Are Forever) – Turkey (From Russia With Love, The World Is Not Enough & Skyfall) – United Kingdom (Spectre) – USA (Live And Let Die, Licence To Kill & Casino Royale)

And where you can find them on our James Bond location map:

Click here to get a fullscreen interactive map with all James Bond movie locations

James Bond has understood the art of travel. The agent embraces the coziness of some of the worlds most luxurious hotels – likewise he enjoys simple backpacker delights on a hidden sunlit cove. Sometimes he travels with the Orient-Express, sometimes he even goes by camel. Those who visit the James Bond movie locations can experience a distinct travelism. Sometimes in the center of tourist happy cities, sometimes off the beaten path.

We have – including Bonds latest adventure Spectre – identified 396 James Bond movie locations so far. These locations encompass three types of places. There are locations where Bond movies have been filmed even though they are not subject of the later movie. The sun-soaked Spanish village Cadiz is such a location. It is the stand-in for Bonds Cuban entanglement in Die Another Day. Conversely, there are places that Bond visits in the film whereas his real life actors never showed up there.

Doesn’t matter for us.

We put the Siberias and Afghanistans and North Koreas on the bucket list anyway. But finally, there are the places where you can totally … Bond to: It’s all those magical James Bond movie locations, where the setting of the film once made matches the setting of a magnificent holiday there today.

7 thoughts on “The Locations

  1. Erwin van Erve says:

    As I speak, i’m sitting @Spyros 007 café in Pagoi Corfu. I have read your visit in the book of this café. I was attended to your website! Nice place, nice people.

  2. Liz says:

    First of all I have to say that this page is amazing, really cool idea.
    My boyfriend is a huge James Bond fan and we are on holidays in Crete this year. I found some information that some scenes of “For your eyes only” were shot there. Do you know where exactly?
    Thank you very much for your help.

    • HuntingBond says:

      Hi Liz,

      “For Your Eyes Only” takes place in Greece – but as far as we know, the crew filmed only on Corfu and Meteora. Crete is no part of the film.

      All the best, Julia & Marc

  3. cindy medvid says:

    I have a framed copy of the menu of Cafe’ Martinique as presented in the movie. The date on the back of the framed picture is April 21 1960 and was framed by Summit Glass Showcase. How can I find out if I have something of value.

    • HuntingBond says:

      Hi Cindy,

      great souvenir! We are no experts on antiquities – but we would recommend, to check eBay for similar items and compare prizes. You can also present the menue on Bond fan forums like MI6-HQ. Maybe you’ll find some buyers there.

      Best, Julia & Marc

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