Danube House Prague Casino Royale

Blood and Sandstone

CZECH REPUBLIC – Prague, Danube House // Casino Royale (2006)

It might not be the fanciest location for a relaunch of astute agent James Bond, but with its futuristic architecture the Danube House is the right kind of understating pal. But how Bond managed to trick the overattentive doorman will maybe be a secret forever.

Why Bond was here
The scenes at the Danube House in Prague are the only in the whole Bond movieverse filmed in monochrome – as they mark the reboot of the whole franchise with new actor Daniel Craig in 2006. Bond is sent to Prague to get rid of MI6′ local station chief who is selling intel. The scene shows a flashback in a flashback: To gain his 00-status, Bond has to kill twice. One kill is done in a gritty bathroom fight with the contact of the station chief. The second then is – “considerably” – easier: Bond shots the wrongdoer in his office at the Danube House.

Danube House Prague

The Prague station chief in his office at Danube House

How you gonna get there
The Danube House is a modern architectural mix of glass and sandstone. It is located next to an office complex of other river-named houses along the banks of Czech river Vltava in the east of Prague. As the city centre is not that big, the Danube House can be reached with a walk along the Vltava – passing by the Ministry of Transport, that doubles for a Miami location later in Casino Royale.
Other ways to go there are the tram – numbers 3 and 8 run from the centre to closest destination Karlínské náměstí – or the red and yellow metro lines with exit at Florenc as the nearest. From there it is a ten minutes walk east.

Good to know
Though a workspace building the Danube House is not a place to stroll around easily. The exterior is sure allowed for promenaders and there are cafés inside too. But don’t expect to find your way into the upper floors. At least entering the inner yard and watching the elevators descend is allowed.

Architectural the Danube House is quite a looker, especially the futuristic inside – which is unfortunately forbidden to photograph due to the very attentive security guard. If you want to take a break you should try one of the restaurants in the basement around lunch time.

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