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From Mexico to Morocco: All the SPECTRE movie locations

James Bond comes around – more than ever in his latest movie “Spectre”. We gathered all locations used in the film for you: from Mexico City to Rome and from Austria to Morocco.

With Spectre conquering theaters, James Bond (Daniel Craig) is yet again on a mission around the world. We listed all movie locations in Mexico, Austria, Italy, Morocco and back home in the UK in bold – with linked geocodes for the exact spot. Watch out, spoilers ahead!


The opening sends the travel agent into Mexico City during the Día de Muertos (“Day of the Dead”), that annually takes place from October 31st to November 2nd. For Spectre, the festival had been staged in April 2015 in front of the Museo Nacional de Arte on Calle Tacuba and at the Plaza de la Constitución – also named Zócalo. Some of the stunning helicopter stunts had been filmed here as well, the more risky aerial stunts had been shot at the airport of Palenque.
The hotel, Bond and his Mexican love affair enter at the beginning, is the Gran Hotel de la Ciudad de México on Avenida 16 de Septiembre. This is a return for Bond: More than two decades ago, Timothy Dalton entered the same hotel elevator in Licence to Kill. The attempted assassination and the following explosion had been staged along Calle Xicoténcatl, home of the Antiguo Senado de la República.


James Bond Spectre in Rome

On the road again: The Aston Martin in Rome

Though Bond came to Italy in many movies, the capital Rome was a movie virgin till Spectre. Now, for the thrilling car chase between Bond and Hinx, the city center had been turned into a racing course over Dozens of nights in spring 2015. Locations are at Arco di Costantino in front of the Colosseum, at Via di S. Gregorio, along the banks of river Tiber, passing by Corso Vittoria Emanuele II and in front of famous Basilica di San Pietro at both Via della Conciliazione and Via del Mascherino. The car crash and Bonds aerial escape had been filmed at Ponte Sisto bridge.
The funeral, Bond attends with Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci), is at the Museo della Civiltà in Rome. And the Sciarra mansion, where he goes afterwards, is Villa di Fiorano at Via Appia Antica in southeast Rome.


Spectre is Daniel Craig’s fourth installment, but the first one to bring his James Bond back into the snow: After the meeting in Rome, he looks for villainous Mr. White (Jesper Christensen) in Austria, who started a secluded life after the incidents from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.
His cabin is in reality a restaurant called “Jagdhaus Seewiese” on the northern end of Lake Altaussee. The Hofler Klinik, where White’s daughter Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) is working at as a psychologist, is the gourmet restaurant Ice Q on the Gaislachkogel. A cable car – where Q had been filmed in – runs from Sölden. The escape action and first clash with henchman Hinx (Dave Bautista) had been staged along the Ötztaler Gletscherstraße nearby and in Obertilliach, a village in southern Austria. The plane crashes down the local villages downhill track – but the wooden house, that gets damaged, was a set for the movie. Local officials have plans to turn the remains into a Bond museum though.


James Bond Spectre in Mexico

All good things come by: Bond and Madeleine Swann in Morocco

After their escape from Austria Bond and Madeleine Swann fly to Morocco – without suitcases, but with new handsome outfits. Both arrive in the coastal town Tanger. The market scenes had been filmed at Bab al-Assa and the restaurant Dar Lidam, east of the old Kasbah. It’s the same spot, where Timothy Dalton’s roof-top run in The Living Daylights had been staged. The hotel L’Americaine is a private mansion called Palais Akaaboune in Rue Ibn Abou west of Bab al-Assa.
The train, Bond and Madeleine are on, leaves from Oudja close to the Algerian border. It’s the Oriental Desert Express to Bouarfa. However, the desert hideout of Spectre baddie Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz) had been built up in a dormant volcano crater outside of Erfoud in southern Morocco. The iconic mountain range had previously been used as the Hamunaptra set in “The Mummy” and in “Prince of Persia”. The little “train station”, where Bond and Madeleine get picked up by the Rolls-Royce was a set some meters away.


As in every Bond movie, scenes were also filmed in Her Majesty’s home country. But just like in the previous Skyfall, the UK is up to play a major part in Spectre. For the climax, the film crew had chosen London to be Bonds playground.
The secret boat entry to the MI6 facility, Bond and Tanner (Rory Kinnear) use at the beginning of Spectre, is at Camden Lock. Bonds private home, where Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) comes to visit, is in Notting Hill on 1 Stanley Cres.
The Italian villa, where the sinister Spectre meeting takes place, is in reality romanesque looking Blenheim Palace outside London in Oxfordshire.
Back in London, the circular government building that MI6 is currently using as new home is the inside of Her Majesty’s Treasury. The old and bombed MI6 headquarter is at Vauxhall Cross on 85 Albert Embankment – it’s the real headquarter of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). Right on the other side of Thames river is the new Centre for National Security. It is CGI-made, but its interior had been filmed in the London City Hall. The restaurant, where Moneypenny and Q meet with M is “Rules” in Covent Garden, London’s oldest restaurant.
The showdown scenes had been filmed at Admirality Arch and finally on the Thames and on Westminster Bridge.

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