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SARDINIA – Liscia di Vacco // The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Sardinia is famous for the Costa Smeralda. Bond takes a closer look – and dives right into the turquoise waters from this jetty!

Why Bond was here
James Bond (Roger Moore) and his Russian counterpart Triple X (Barbara Bach) head to Sardinia to follow the trails of marine megalomaniac Karl Stromberg (Curd Jürgens). Shortly, after they have been discovered, Stromberg sends out his henchmen – with cars, motorcycles and a helicopter. Bond escapes them one by one in his Lotus Esprit by jumping into the ocean from a jetty – thanks to Q: he made the Lotus waterproof.

jetty Liscia di Vacco

Off the Lotus goes!

How you gonna get there
The car chase had been filmed at numerous places across northern Sardinia – from Capo Caccia in the west to the quaint village San Pantaleo in the east. The climax is at Liscia di Vacco in the north, where the Lotus races along a jetty and crash-dives into the Mediterranean Sea.
Your best option to go there is via car. Follow the road SP59 from Porto Cervo to Liscia di Vacco and look out for the signs of Hotel Pitrizza. When at the gate to the hotel, take the small road to the right that looks like a mere supply road. At the end of the road you will find a small circle with one exit leading directly to the jetty.

Good to know
Liscia du Vacco is not really a quaint village, but rather an artificial hotel town. Besides driving your car into the Med there is not much to do. If you do not fancy the Bond option, we recommend “Why Not” restaurant – or driving further west to visit Palau, the entry harbour to the beautiful island of Maddalena.

What dives needs to resurface! In “The Spy Who Loved Me” Bond drives the Lotus from the jetty into the ocean and engages in an underwater fight with divers. But then the comes up again – and drives the car directly onto one of Costa Smeraldas most beautiful beaches. Here you can read, how to get there.

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