Hamburg Airport James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies

A Nordic Welcome

GERMANY – Hamburg Airport // Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

It’s always a good idea to come to Hamburg, Germanys dazzling city up in the north. Rumors say, the people here are reserved. “Getüddel” is, what they would answer to that nonsense. Fly in and find out!

Why Bond was here
007 (Pierce Brosnan) travels to Hamburg, to visit the headquarter of media mogul Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce) – the latter has his own understanding of a “developing story” and tries to put in motion a new world war. Arriving at the airport, Bond meets Q (Desmond Llewelyn), disguised as a car rental employee. Sure thing, Bond gets a new remote-controlled ride – that comes to good use in Hamburg city later on.

Hamburg Airport James Bond

Bond gets a new BMW from Q at the Hamburg Airport

How you gonna get there
The airport – the oldest in Germany – is north of the city center in Fuhlsbüttel neighborhood. It can be reached via S-Bahn S1 or by numerous bus lines. No. 26, 292 and 274 are running by day, 606 by night. Also No. 39 operates as a fast track bus. Compare the local transport authority HVV for connections.

Good to know
The scenes were filmed in the big entry hall of terminal 1. The hall itself is usually empty besides the flight counters on the sides. For the filming, a newsstand and the car rental company, Q “is working for”, had been prepped right in the middle of the hall. Note that the later scene, where Bond gets his car at the airport customs and tests its remote driving had been filmed in Stansted Airport London.

If you like plane spotting, go to the upper floor: There is an access to an open terrace, ideal for watching the big ones. Otherwise, come to the city center quick: Hotel Atlantic, featured in the very same movie, waits with a great “spectre story”, downtown area Jungfernstieg challenges your shopping fever, and the eased Schanzenviertel lets you dive into the night!

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