Vienna Gasworks

AUSTRIA – Vienna, Gasometer // The Living Daylights (1987)

Vienna has more to offer than its imperial past and magnificent center. Going south, you’ll find a revitalized industrial area – where spy stories come true.

Why Bond was here
James Bond (Timothy Dalton) is assigned on a mission in Slovakia. He is helping Soviet renegade general Koskov (Jeroen Krabbé) entering the West via Bratislava and Vienna. The MI6 is operating a smuggling sledge through border-crossing gas pipelines: Koskov is put in it, while Bond drives his car over a normal border crossing nearby.
The border crossing was filmed at Steinsporn Bridge south of Vienna – while the smuggling sledge had been staged at the Gasometer.


Koskov inside the Gasometer

How you gonna get there
The Gasometer is not one but four almost identical gas holders in the south of Vienna. They are located in Vienna-Simmering, closest subway station is “Gasometer”, reachable via U3.

Good to know
The gas hub had been Europe’s biggest gas work station in the late 19th century. It was used till 1986, “The Living Daylights” crew came for filming just as the lights went out. Then the Gasometer was unused for some years, before being revitalized. Architects transformed the industrial site into a combination of work spaces, living homes and entertainment.
You’ll find restaurants, shopping and a cinema in the Gasometer. And you are able to still catch a glimpse of its history in guided tours (find out more here).

To be frank, we didn’t spent to much time at the Gasometer. For shopping, it is not the best choice and we had already seen the latest flicks, the cinema had to offer this day. What we did: Wander around the four gas holders to marvel at the beautiful industrial architecture.

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