Agios Georgios Corfu

Golden Dunes

GREECE – Corfu, Agios Georgios Beach // For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Corfu has a rough coastline. And it has Agios Georgios Beach! Bond came here for the oysters – but you should wait for the low season.

Why Bond was here
Britain lost their communication system ATAC, a system the military used to control atomic warheads. So James Bond (Roger Moore) travels to the Greek island Corfu and meets up with the smuggler Kristatos (Julian Glover) – whom he asks for help, before finding out that he is the mastermind behind the theft.
Both meet in a casino – the beautiful Achillion Palace in the heart of Corfu – where Bond also meets Countess Lisl von Schlaf (Cassandra Harris). The gambling night ends in her beach house in the dunes of Agios Georgios Beach. When both take a walk at dawn, Kristatos men attack.

Agios Georgios Beach Corfu For Your Eyes Only

Bond and the Countess at her beach

How you gonna get there
There are two beaches named Agios Georgios on Corfu, one up north and the other on the southwestern tip. The second one is where the movie scenes had been filmed. It is close to the villages Linia and Agios Georgios, the second one is nowadays filled with touristic concrete hotels.
From Kerkyra there is one KTEL bus line down to Agryrades, passing Agios Georgios Beach on its way. It runs one time in the morning and two times in the afternoon, times may slightly change each season. One ticket is 3,20 Euro. From the bus stop it’s just a five minute walk to the beach.

Good to know
Most parts of the Corfu coastline are rather rough, so the beautiful sandy Agios Georgios Beach is loved by both tourists and locals. In the summer months it gets really crowded, also the aligned hotels pump the air with techno vibes.
If you look for something with champagne and oysters – those times are definitely gone. As the town, the hotels and the bars are all located on the southern tip of the beach, we recommend to grab a towel and walk a bit up north. It is much more silent there, only some kite surfers try out their skills. Second: Here are the dunes where Kristatos men arrived to attack Bond and Lisl von Schlaf.

A good time to visit Agios Georgios Beach is probably early autumn: The tourists and the high season are gone, but flamingos arrive. Right behind the sand dunes of the beach is Korrision Lake, Corfu’s biggest lagoon. Each year around September flamingos fly in to nestle.

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