It all points to Prague

CZECH REPUBLIC – Prague International Airport // Casino Royale (2006)

A small airport can host a lot of action – so no wonder, Prague served as Miami in the Casino Royale airport scene.

Why Bond was here
James Bond (Daniel Craig) is closing in on villain Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen). The crime financier plays the stock market on shares of the airplane manufacturer Skyfleet and wants to blow up a Skyfleet plane at Miami International Airport. Bond and a hired terrorist begin a rat race around the airport field – either to stop the explosion or to make it happen.

Casino Royale Airport

The Casino Royale airport – Prague airfield mixed with Miami cabs

How you gonna get there
Well, you could fly all the way to Miami – but then you’ll miss the actual location. Many parts of Casino Royale had been filmed in the Czech Republic – locations throughout the country serve as Montenegro, London and also Miami. All Casino Royale airport scenes had been filmed at Prague International Airport, called “Václav Havel Airport”.
The airport is northwest of the city center and well connected. An airport express runs directly from the main train station Praha Hlavni Nadrazi and busses 100 and 119 connect the metro lines B and A with the airport. Click here for a connection map. A taxi from the city center ranges between CZK 600 and 1000.

Good to know
Filming for the Casino Royale airport scenes took place at the entry of terminal 2 and on the buildings second floor at a connecting bridge. Outside, one can still see the bollards and the glass entry. But the taxi lane itself slightly changed – a new roof had been extended over the street.

Airports are a always the beginning of something new. Make this one your beginning to experience Prague, a historic gem in Central Europe. The old city is filled with medieval character and yet welcomes modernity with open arms. We visited Prague several times and are always amazed by the mix.

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