The Road to Neptune

SARDINIA – Capo Caccia // The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

A winding road leads down Capo Caccia on the northwest of Sardinia. The goal is a hidden gem – hidden beneath the harsh cliffs.

Why Bond was here
James Bond (Roger Moore) and his Russian counterpart Triple X (Barbara Bach) head to Sardinia to follow the trails of marine megalomaniac Karl Stromberg (Kurt Jürgens). The evil-doer had hijacked British and Russian submarines. After Bond discovered his plan, Stromberg sends his henchmen – the agents escape in a white Lotus Esprit.

Capo Caccia


How you gonna get there
Capo Caccia is a small headland in the Northwest of Sardinia. The best way to reach the peninsula is by car: Head to the city of Alghero and then follow the road to the national park of Porto Conte. There is also bus 9321 that heads there several times a day from Alghero – or a ferry, that crosses the small bay.
The car chase had been filmed along the road that leads to the southern point of Capo Caccia. It is part, where the Lotus is attacked by a rocket. The rocket crashes into a mattress truck though.

Good to know
The road from the chase itself is rather boring – but it’s surrounding scenery is astonishing. Take your time to go hiking in the beautiful Porto Conte park. You might get the chance to see wild horses, boars or deer in the woods.
The tourist magnet on Capo Caccia is the Grotta di Nettuno though, the Neptun’s Cave. Discovering in the 16th century, the huge cave system was used by smugglers. Nowadays it’s a tourist attraction. A steep way with some hundreds steps lead the way from the cliff down to the entrance just above sea level. The grotto is 4 kilometers long, huge stalactites are hanging from the ceiling. Water drops fall into the darkness, their distant splashes make an enchanted feeling. Note, that you can’t enter the cave system in your own – guided tours leave every full hour and cost 13 Euro per person.

The Grotta di Nettuno really is impressive. The huge ceiling just makes you awestruck. But make sure to keep your distance to the guide. His endless stories about which stalactite is named after with whatever will otherwise take away the magic feeling.

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