Buckingham Palace

Royal Touchdown

UNITED KINGDOM – London, Buckingham Palace // Die Another Day (2002)

The Buckingham Palace is a jewel in the heart of London – and home to the royal family. They were not amused, when the Bond crew wanted to film in front of their door. At first.

Why Bond was here
In Die Another Day Gustav Graves (Toby Stephens) is a rich entrepreneur, who has a diamond built satellite, that can send sunlight laser beams down to earth. Before Graves becomes the main villain of the movie, he is some sort of Prince Charming and beloved by the whole Kingdom. In the Buckingham Palace he is to be given the Knighthood. He chooses a great entrance – parachuting down on the Buckingham Palace front yard and getting welcomed by cheering crowds and cameras. Bond (Pierce Brosnan) watches in discomfort.

Buckingham Palace

Gustav Graves drops down in front of the Buckingham Palace

How you gonna get there
Buckingham Palace is home to the royal family – and they live in the heart of London. The palace is north of Westminster and well connected. Close tube stations are Green Park, St. James’s Park and Victoria. Or you get off at the Bond location hub Charing Cross at Trafalgar Square and walk down The Mall.
The parachute scene had been filmed right off the main entry gate to the palace, in front of the Victoria Memorial.

Good to know
Filming in front of the Buckingham Palace wasn’t easy. It took the crew several months of negotiation, before the royal family would allow it. Lucky the crew – the parachute scene gave Gustav Graves quite an entrance!

Buckingham Palace is a must-visit, when in London. But be sure to take your time: First to see the change of guards in front of the palace. But second to enjoy a nice stroll in the surrounding park. Doesn’t matter the weather: St. James’s Park always has its charm.

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